The Heart Of Europe Cafe

In Heart of Barrington


Hello Everyone! TODAY IS A BIG DAY! At 11:00 am we started serving Donut Dogs! Freshly made vegan dough filled with sweet relish, crispy onions, your choice of 2 sauces and most important choice of: Polish Sausage Frankfurter Sausage Vegan Sausage Available sauces: Ketchup Mustard Mayo Ranch Barbecue Hot Sauce!!! Check how looks our #DonutDog!

Grab your Kurtos – 2048: Kurtos Game! Thumbnail

Attention everyone!!! We have something special for our beloved friends and customers. We are launching our version of an awesome 2048 game: Kurtos Game! Hope you are going to be as excited as we are right now. Start playing and winning! <3 Rules of this games are very simple. Put together two flour puzzles and you ...