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Attention everyone!!!

We have something special for our beloved friends and customers. We are launching our version of an awesome 2048 game: Kurtos Game! Hope you are going to be as excited as we are right now.

Start playing and winning! <3

Rules of this games are very simple.

  1. Put together two flour puzzles and you will get butter.
  2. Put together two butter puzzles and you will get sugar.
  3. Put together two sugar puzzles and you will get honey.
  4. Put together two honey puzzles and you will get walnuts.
  5. Put together two walnuts puzzles and you will get cinnamon.
  6. Put together two cinnamon puzzles and you will get vanilla.
  7. Put together two vanilla puzzles and you will get peanut butter.
  8. Put together two peanut butter puzzles and you will get nutella.
  9. Put together two nutella puzzles and you will get love.
  10. Put together two love puzzles and you will get Kurtos!

If you found Kurtos! puzzel, it's mean that you win! Congratulations!

Take a screen shot of your won game screen with Kurtos! puzzle (similiar to attached below), bring to our shop and choose you free Kurtos!

Or collect 10 000 points, bring you screen shot and get your favourite latte coffee for free.

Link to game: > > < <


  1. Limit is 1 win per client for each 2 months.
  2. Valid until December 31st, 2017.
  3. Coupon valid to redeem Tuesday to Friday.




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