Our Story

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The store is operated by the two Polish sisters Emilia and Kasia. The Heart of Europe Cafe is a small coffee/bakery shop specialized in making chimney cakes. We came from Poland with the idea of opening a coffee shop and bakery. What makes us unique is that we are baking during the day, so every couple of hours we are trying to bake and bring something right out of the oven for people to enjoy fresh pastry with a great cup of coffee. Everyday there is something different in our deli case.

Everything is bakes with a lot of hopes of bringing a little bit of joy to someone’s day! With each bite of chimney cakes, you can taste not only their skill as bakers, but also the joy that comes from working together. We also serve great coffee a three bean blend from Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil. You will experience cherry notes from the naturally processed Brazilian with balancing affects from the earthy Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.