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Dear customers and friends,

Long time ago we have planned our vacation since we have been working for more than a year constantly. Unfortunately, we planned it for the second week of January. We did not know, that all of the sudden ABC 7 Channel will mention us and one more time we will be so busy. We have been working very hard for over a year, moving to the USA then remodeling cafe, next opening a store and keeping business open at first 7 days a week and then 6 days a week constantly. We have decided not to cancel our trips, hoping that everyone will understand. We would love to inform you that we will be closed for 5 days January 12th-January 16th.

January 11th we will close at 2pm in order to catch the plane ;)

I hope that you will all understand and come back to us on January 17th for a fresh Kurtos and a cup of nice coffee.

Thank you for understanding and thank you all for kind words, awesome reviews and neverending support! <3

We love what we do and being appreciated it for that the way we were it's more than anyone can hope for, but now we need a little break! <3

Kasia & Emilia <3


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