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The Heart Of Europe Cafe Reward Program! Thumbnail

   We are super excited to introduce you our new reward program!   For each $1.00 spend on purchases at our place, you will receive 2 stars.   For sign up and add your email to our program you will receive extra 6 stars.   For each 50 collected stars, you can choose one of ...


PĄCZKI day is coming! Counting calories? That’s ok! We don’t deep fry ours, we bake them ♥♥   Flavors: Fresh Blueberry, Rose Marmalade, Meringue on the top and caramel mascarpone filling. All available until they sell out! We are open 6am-5pm!        

Kurtos is going on vacation! Thumbnail

Dear customers and friends, Long time ago we have planned our vacation since we have been working for more than a year constantly. Unfortunately, we planned it for the second week of January. We did not know, that all of the sudden ABC 7 Channel will mention us and one more time we will be ...